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The marketing rule of 7 online

Published by on December 3, 2014

Before the Internet arrived on the scene the way companies marketed their services was a lot different. But one rule remains the same as it did back in the 70’s and 80’s.

The Marketing Rule of 7

The logic being the average person needs to see your brand at least seven times before they would consider buying your products or services. Putting this into practice before Internet marketing involved. Radio ads, TV, Local newspapers and magazines. But today you can utilise 7 forms of Internet marketing to achieve the same results. If you’re not getting the marketing results you want hire a professional from to help you.

Here are my 7 ways you can complete the Marketing rule of 7 online in a linear narrative –

1. Google adwords – the user visits your website looking for a product for the purpose of this lets say they are looking for a pair of “Nike air max trainers” they look at your site but don’t purchase. Perhaps they are checking to see who has the best offer or visiting the high street also to check the local shops.

2. Google remarketing – As the site has remarking for Google setup the users notices the banner ads on Youtube when he is looking for box openings of “Nike Air max trainers” the next day.

3. Facebook Remarketing – He then logs into his Facebook account and noticed the advertisement for the company while chatting to his friends.

So this takes us to 3 points of contact lets take remarkting this will results in more views. You can run ads to your remarketing audience on Facebook daily or weekly. Again potential to hit the 7 rule here.

4. Email marketing – A possibility you could capture the users information via a email sign up. But chances of this are very slim.

5. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a modern interpretation of a very old idea — getting a commission on a sale. You introduce your readers to products or services from trusted companies or individuals and get a commission on any sales from customers you send their way… instead of competing each other different marketing companies and business work together. I’d go check out if you want to learn affiliate marketing from the best.

6. Natural search results – You can generate traffic from the natural results as a source just like the Google adwords.

7. Social sharing – Share content related towards this user perhaps boost content that reviews Nike Air max trainers on your fan pages or Twitter accounts.

Achieving the Rule or 7 is much easier to achieve today with online marketing. You could reach 7 with remarketing on Facebook alone.

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